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    1. Smart Display Screen / Mounting Bracket
      Richen is able to produce the mounting bracket and housing of both the smart display screen and ipad. We perform an injection molding process to perfect the surface of plastic components, and this has enabled us to provide these components with a high-gloss exterior.
    1. Smart Display Screen / Mounting Bracket Housing
      The smart in-home display housing is able to eliminate the air streaks, splay marks and other potential defects that occur in the injection molding process. It can also overcome the sticking problem. Sticking occurs when the part fails to separate from the mold. It is caused by the small mold draft.
    1. Infrared Remote Control
      This product range was developed for Crestron during the period from 2014 to 2015. The remote control is made using silicone for great comfort. It offers a perfect match of pattern and color. All these features are put together to give you the feeling that the remote control is of top grade and intelligent.
    1. Infrared Remote Control Housing
      Our company is able to produce high-quality infrared remote control housing by adjusting both the process parameters and feeding process through the mold flow analysis and mold design. Our product has been painted, thus providing a rubber-like surface. The exterior of our products can fully satisfy our customers.
    1. Curtain Track Parts
      We have designed and produced the curtain track parts for companies like EIPC, Crestron, OTAX, etc. These products are typically used for the rotating parts of curtains. You can close and open curtains with ease by using infrared remote controls.
    1. Curtain Control Parts
      The combination of plastic control parts and metal bearings can accurately control the motion of the curtain. This range of plastic components offers a choice of surface treatments, including brushed finish, mirrored finish, etc. They are available in various colors such as silver, copper and so forth.
    1. Intelligent Transformer Switch
      The intelligent transformer switch was designed for companies like Crestron, Epic, NPI, etc. Our services encompass manufacturing, molding, processing and injection molding of various switches. We have the proven capacity to make our switches comfortable to touch and extremely adaptable.
    1. Automotive Structural Components
      This product needs to undergo two-step injection molding process. It is formed by two different materials, such as PC and ABS, by using bi-color mold or insert mold. The compass-shaped structural component is formed in a single run. It is guaranteed with a high level of precision.