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What we do
  • Plastic Auto Mold Design and Manufacturing

    About mold design
    The company is currently staffed by more than 100 employees. Our technical team members have accounted for 30% of the total staff. Our experienced team is able to make the commitment that your products will be manufactured according to all specific requirements regarding quality, safety and reliability. Our experienced engineers are experts in mold designing and use the latest engineering tools and software to produce a qualified plastic part for you that meets all of your requirements. We are always working to provide the best and the most competitive molds for our clients. We have built cooperative relationships with many of the world’s top 500 companies, including Crestron, Jabil, Electric Object, just to name a few.

  • Custom Plastic Parts Injection Molding

    Richen is able to provide customized service, as well as simplify the entire manufacturing process, using different industrial parts and components through injection molding processing. With a scientific forming method, we are working to manufacture products of different sizes, from miniature to large-scale, as well as multicomponent products. The latest technologies such as insert molding, injection molding, bicolor/heat runner system, and automatic integration, are used in the manufacturing process, as well as different engineering materials, including polypropylene, olefin, and nylon. These high performance materials allow us to meet the requirements in smart home display screens, remote control, automobile, electron, and other industries. Injection molding machines from FANUC and Dongyang feature excellent stability, with their injection speed ranging from 0 to 500, which offer us the ability to meet the requirements for manufacturing high precision products. The precision of our products is limited to +/-0.005mm.

  • Smart Home Device Assembly

    Plastic Parts Assembly Service
    As a cooperative partner providing cooperative service, Richen offers one-stop service, and provides fully assembled and packaged products.

    We manufacture an extensive range of components, including parts and sheet metal parts. We can also provide processing components, hardware and other components as needed. Our workshop is both dustproof and anti-static, housing an automated production line for product assembly.

    Thanks to a reasonable planning, the detailed logbook, and the optimized configuration towards the technology and resources, a smooth completion will be achieved. Both the efficiency and qualified rate are increased due to the use of the high-precision assembly tools and test devices.

  • Plastic Parts Finishing Process

    Custom Printing Service
    We provide an entire set of smart in-home injection molding services, which also includes the Custom Printing Service. The value-added service contains painting and electroplating for patterns, logo silk screen and other surfaces.

    If you need to add brand or written messages on the surface of your injection parts or finished products, Richen will provide the entire printing service, from choosing the suitable colors, the dimension of the content, to color contrast. The professional staff will ensure each printing logo matches customer requirements, especially with the use of a painting and electroplating sector for spraying different colors and grains in order to offer more appealing visual options.